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Bullet- and forced entry-resistance

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Bullet resistance

The close-meshed, 3D micro-reinforcement of the DUCON-Technology provides a high bullet protection. A component thickness of only 10 cm is needed to fulfill the highest class of ballistic codes PM7. Moreover, DUCON ensures protection against multihit-fire with only local damage.

Class of ballistic codes: PM7 armor piercing bullets d = 10 cm (wolfram carbide penetrator)

Forced entry resistance

The forced entry resistance is a key value of a material like DUCON to resist against tools and machines according the code requirements. Just a thin panel of 7,5 cm fulfills the highest resistance class RC6.

Resistance classes according DIN EN 1627:
RC6: d = 7,5 cm
RC5: d = 5 cm

For higher protection levels of critical infrastructures and nuclear power plants the resistance of a 10 cm DUCON panel against core driller, jackhammer, oxygen lance and a diamond blade saw has been determined. The 10 cm DUCON panel with the standard set-up meets all criteria of the adapted devices catalog and of the correspondingly guideline.
The internal set-up of DUCON can be improved in a way that a breakthrough with core driller, diamond saw, jackhammers etc. is impossible.

Regarding the dimensioning pertains the same formula: DUCON fulfills the same protection at half of the thickness and weight of conventional reinforced concrete.