Ultimate Performance
Ultimate Performance – Beyond Concrete

Micro-reinforced and self-compacting high-performance concrete

DUCON stands for DUctile CONcrete and represents a micro-reinforced high-performance concrete, which is composed by a 3-dimensional micro-reinforcement and an ultra-high performance concrete. The special material set-up allows very slim construction at high load bearing capacity and high resistance against dynamic loading, such as explosion and earthquake.

Stable concrete

High load bearing capacity.

Flexible DUCON concrete

Flexible concrete

Extreme ductility, high-energy absorption with high load bearing capacity.

Thin concrete

Large slenderness, 10mm slim panel.

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Range of Applications

DUCON-Technology opens a wide range of applications. It reaches from protection systems against direct fire, forced entry and explosion to industrial flooring and impervious overlays to large scale architectural concrete elements such as folded plate staircases, filigree furniture and facades. The range of applications is divided into the segments DUCON Security, DUCON Overlay and DUCON Architectural & Design.

Breakthrough-test with oxygen lance

DUCON Security

  • Anti-Terror-Concrete
  • Bullet- and forced entry resistance
  • Explosion protection
  • Earthquake protection
  • Fragmentation protection
DucoPlan: self-levelling overlay

DUCON Overlay

  • Impervious overlay acc. to Federal Water Act (WHG)
  • Slab strengthening
  • Industrial flooring (DucoPlan)
Filigree folded stairs, black d=9,5cm

DUCON Architectural

  • Energy facades
  • Staircases
  • Panels
  • Free forms
DUCON Lounger

DUCON Design

  • Furniture
  • Surfaces
  • DucoGlass
  • DucoStone

Reference projects

Based on DUCON-Technology many exciting and extraordinary projects beyond the performance of conventional reinforced concrete can come to reality – regarding the fields of Security, Overlay, Architecture & Design. In many times the exceptional material properties were the key to success of a project.

About us

DUCON GmbH is the developer and owner of DUCON Technology and the international patents and trademark rights. The technology is marketed and executed by DUCON Europe in cooperation with international partners.

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