DUCON Overlay

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High-performance concrete for strength and persistence

The micro-reinforced high performance concrete offers the execution of thin, load bearing concrete flooring systems. DUCON performs as a topping/overlay on existing structures. The DUCON Overlay is used as impervious and abrasion resistant topping as well as a structural retrofit/rehabilitation. Especially in case of rehabilitation of damaged concrete floors DUCON offers a cost-effective and short-term repair solution. DUCON will be placed on top of the damaged structures instead of destructing and rebuilding the concrete floor system.

Especially in case of rehabilitation of damaged surfaces DUCON can be applied as thin overlay instead of demolition and replacement of the existing structure.
This reduces the downtime of the production facility.

Typical thickness: 25 – 60mm

DUCON has a Code Approval as impervious overlay according Federal Water Act (WHG), e.g. used for chemical plants, tanks farms and gas stations. Gutters and catch basins are produced according the Code as well. Thickness = 55mm