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DUCON as industrial floor

The patented high-performance system combines the novel micro-reinforcement with a durable cementitious coating. This coating allows the developing of a durable protective floor for indoor and outdoor areas.
Layer thicknesses of 2-4 cm are summarized in the brand name DucoPlan®.
There were already jointless areas up to 11,000 m2 implemented.

In accordance with the technical requirements of the construction project the system is adapted in the reinforcement density and thickness of the coating. In addition to an excellent chemical resistance, the resistance to mechanical attacks are unique. A high abrasion resistance while water resistance coupled with an extremely high bending tensions strength. Usual coating thicknesses are between 2 and 5 cm.

Large areas can be durably protected in a short time and with little effort through a modern laying-technology. Subsequent usage can be done without waiting times.

The surface is concrete colors, but if desired freely selectable.

This patented high-performance system offers a wide range of applications, e.g. as highly stressed industrial floors, parking areas or deflecting surfaces and represents an economical and durable alternative to sophisticated reconstructions of reinforced concrete surfaces.